Monday, June 6, 2011

Ceiling fans History

Casablanca C16G73T Candelier Ceiling Fan, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

The first ceiling fans were powered by water. Large turbine blades ceiling fans took to open the belt system used in a wide range. This early fans had only two blades and the flow of light water power turbine fan blades may be used for belts to be used in places that were located near the creek. Early ceiling fans were very expensive and not very profitable for the average homeowner. For many years, the ceiling fans will only be considered in plant-related buildings, because they were too expensive for most people. Over time, the ceiling fans are increasingly seen in restaurants and shops, as well as offices in the southern region of the United States. It will continue to be a lot of time before these fans will be a key in the American home. During the energy crisis at home in 1970, America started striving to save money any way they can. At this time the use became popular in the ceiling fan and large companies in the ceiling fan began to mass market products in all parts of the country and other countries in all parts of the world. Americans realize that it is much cheaper to use a fan in the ceiling than it was to use a very new and not so energy efficient air conditioners, which has become very popular in homes.

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